Friday, January 23, 2009

The Last day of our school.

After 2 days restriction i.e.20 & 21,I went to school early in the morning along with Gaurav in red swetar(both)and myself in jeans.Walked shortly and joined palash and mayank.But due to our pre-planned I and Gaurav ran fastly to reach the school and do some mischief,but our luck was not wid us,we were shocked to see that Mr Sudhir Sir(Class teacher) of our class is just behind us,suddenly we accelerate our speed and reach the school as early as possible.When we were just infront of the class then at the same time Sis. Tina(The Vice Principal)called me and gaurav.We were asked about our red swetar and my jeans.We both gave the same answer that our swetar tored out at the Elbow,but again she put up a question over me that What about ur jeans?I m answerless but I told her that it also got tored out from the back portion.So she told me to take the permission to sit in the class from the Head of institution i.e. The Principal Of our School(Fr. Paul K.).i refused saying that I have an option and I took permission from her and went Kundan’s home (My commerce group friend).I got his brother’s trousers which is long enough to cover my shoes also.I wore it and move to school.

In the class room we sat quietly.After some time palash & mayank along with some more close friends came and discussed about that-is this our last day in the school or not?and let me tell u they fought with words with each other saying in two different groups that no its not, it will be tomorrow and second group it is today. Within 10-15 minutes the other students also came and the warning bell sounds.After 5 min. the prayer starts.We did it seriously but after the completion of National Anthem we shocked and surprised That one of our friend(VIVEK UPADHAYAY)shouts “BHARAT MATA KI….”two or five students replied “JAI..”and the other laughs including me.After that our class teacher Mr. Sudhir sir scolded us saying that this is ur respect towards ur nation that u laughs.Now the matter was over.

As usual our 1st period is of Maths and we are doing over other works except Maths i.e. filling Slam Books(As it was going our few days in the school),filling air into the Balloon’s which produces whistling noise and me writing something over the wall of the classroom with Black Marker.The period goes smoothly but suddenly a call from the Principal’s side came for the students who were suspended (ME,PALASH JAIN & YOGESH SHARMA).I in a hurry removed my red swetar and went into the principal’s office .We three IDIOTS standin moving our heads down the floor in front of the principal.He said angrily-from whose permission u three sat in the class.We kept quiet then he starts writing on the paper.He later showed us and told to sign over it.We did as he says and moves towards the class.

The 2nd period is of English and it spent without Masti and enjoyement.After that in the recess as the daily schedule we sat in our group on the Basketball ball court and ate our lunch box with lots of mischief.The 3rd ,4th and 5th period also passed with much more mischief and making some unpleasant noise and several hooting.After short recess in the 6th period we just did little masti and shoutings and in the next period i.e. in 7th I along with palash and some other class mates moves in the chemistry lab to perform the TITRATION experiment.Their We (Me & Palash) performed the experiment nicely and came back to the class in 8th period.

The Shocking notice for the whole class.

Before the last 5 min. our class teacher along with 3 more teacher came inside the class and he read the notice given by the father.Hearing that today is our last day in the school again our morning HERO(VIVEK UPADHAYAY)shouts “INQUALAB ZINDABAD”and after that RONAK’s 1,2,3……BOOMMMM…And SACHIN’S , PALASH’S,GAURAV’S “ YE KOI BAAT NAHI HOTI HAI KI AAP HUME LAST MOMENT ME AA KAR BOLO KI TODAY IS YOUR’S LAST DAY”.And then BENCHES are thrown by some student’s and within few minutes PRIYANKA starts falling her TEARS.I making a sign to her to not to cry but as we all know that the NEWS is not at all acceptable,all the student’s stand against it and ssaid that we want one more day in the school because this is not the way to tell us at the ELEVENTH HOUR.

After it the final bell rang and we are asked to sung the Prayer but no body stands and the teacher’s put force on us to leave the class and to go back to home but none of the student’s stood up.The Vice Principal and the other teacher put force over the girls of our class to go home but today really they were also not want to go because they knew that it was wrong.The other girls also starts weeping and during this I took my marker And starts writing over the wall.I wrote big 'S’